Snozz's Snippet for Land Expansions


Stopping to take a look at Land Expansions for a minute as that is an aspect of the game of where you ‘just do’ without much thinking, but I think its worthy to consider some different aspects.

If you are fresh to the game, then you only really know that you need more Land so you do what everyone does – you start cranking on the Campaign Map and you Age Up. Then you learn that you’ve created a couple of issues:

  1. That Daily Quest is now asking you to conquer Sectors by dangling a Rogue Hideout reward and you need a butt-ton of Goods that are three Ages higher OR you don’t complete the DQ because it wants you to FIGHT those M16A2 carrying fellas and you only have a stick with a rock tied to the end of it; or,
  2. You find yourself in an Age where you are struggling and feel very frustrated by the whole experience because you don’t have any underlying GBs to support you in these new times; or even maybe …
  3. Your entire City is covered in Victory Towers giving you 1 Medal per day which in 4.3 years MAY give you ONE Land Expansion.

Well … welcome to FoE – we have all done it and we have managed to overcome it ... this too, shall pass. But is there another way? My answer is YES!

Very Opinionated Advice

As most of you already know, my first advice would be – don’t Age Up strictly for Land Expansions. That costs Goods, Coin and FP which you are now diverting away from existing GBs or obtaining a GB that you need/want to improve your City. If Aging Up is part of your overall Expansion strategy, HMA and LMA both offer the highest in the Tech Tree (5 each) beyond IA. Note that Aging Up does not give you additional FP-making abilities – only GBs and Event Buildings do - in fact, Aging Up increases the difficulty of the game and you may (or may not) want to couple this with the obtaining advanced army units so be mindful how you proceed.

That said, do NOT over-explore the Campaign Map for the same reason … that is a LOT of Goods you need to produce to Trade Up to conquer Sectors (halving the count needed with each Age higher of the Good you need) which is not a good RoI in my opinion. However, if you do find yourself with excess Goods capacity (e.g., you can handle the GE with no problems so you are fetching every Diamond it has to offer – you know, for those Land Expansions); absolutely take to the Campaign Map as the LMA CMap area offers 3 Expansions (the rest only offer 2 until you can board a ship to and get to InA).

A quick note for you Daily Quest sufferers, if you do NOT scout any Provinces - the DQ will NOT ask you to conquer Sectors. So close up those open Sectors and hold tight!

So … that leaves Medals and this means that Yes! You can purchase 37 … 37! Land Expansions with Medals and not have to worry about over-tech’ing it or stress out with the Campaign Map; HOWEVER, Victory Towers just will not do the trick. You're thinking, so Snozz tell me - How does one obtain these Medals?

Simple … I put forth that THIS … Land Expansions … is the PRIMARY reason to obtain the Arc and level it. Sure, do it to help out others by contributing to their GBs with ZERO cost to you; but more importantly - to SERVE THYSELF quickly, you need a high-level Arc. The bonus provided by an Arc not only increases the FP and BP rewards you receive when you help level a GB, it also INCREASES the MEDALS!

Here are the numbers ... An Arc Level 47 provides 18,364 medals for the 1st reward spot. If you had an Arc Level 80 and filled P1, you would be rewarded 34,891 Medals (18,364 Base + 16,527 Bonus). If you manage to fill P1 on a Level 75 Arc, that would be a total of 61,412 Medals – that’s a HONKING HUGE amount of Medals. So now, you can easily see how this aspect is self-serving to quickly unlock Land Expansions, just needs a little patience and a wee bit of focus.

How Should One Expand?

So ... You now have a lot of Land Expansions available to you, what do you do with them? Your game is played your way, but most folks agree to keep your City as square-shaped as possible so be mindful of your current buildings and those you want in the future to manage how you Expand your City. I mention this aspect because with some buildings; such as the SoH, Winter Train and Hippodrome, they must have multiple parts connected to achieve higher bonuses which would lend itself to shaping a City more one way than the other given these buildings must be chained together sequentially (left/right or up/down).

Methods may vary, but there are plenty of Cities out there to look at to see how they shaped theirs and think about how any of those may work for you as you collect more GBs and buildings outside of the basic build set. In all, you want to aim for fewer roads and the ability to cluster up your buildings as best as possible.

As you get closer to achieving all of your Victory (Medal) Expansions, it is a good idea to really plan out where those last 5 or 7 are going to end up. You probably will have a large collection of buildings so may want to play around with designs before unlocking the Land Expansions.

Going Beyond the Expansion

Last, I would like to caveat the advice about Aging Up. You may decide to Age Up because you have more GBs ready to go than you have the available space for and Aging Up may make better sense than trading something off. I would whole heartedly agree that this can be the case as it would make more sense to level the Zues, CdM and CoA equally so you get more combat boosts for less FP expenditure as those buildings rise up - just be careful about not getting distracted on a shiny set of BPs. This ‘no Aging Up’ advice primarily comes from observing folks with countless GBs at Level 2 and at that level, it isn’t really “working” for them and frankly - is wasting space when a simple, basic Goods building could and would provide more benefit. The best advice that I’ve heard is “never consider putting down a GB unless your goal is to get it Level 10 as soon as possible.” I think this is sound advice as the FIRST 10 levels provide the MOST benefit. For example, for a Statue of Zues, going from Level 4 -> 5 is a 3% increase in combat boost whereas going from Level 14 -> 15 is only 1%.

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