Feudal Japan


To start a Feudal Japan Settlement, select the transportation ship and you will be brought to the Settlement screen. Choose the Settlement by scrolling up/down on the left to the desired one and select "Start".


You get the awesome Shinto Temple, Emmissaries and depending on how quickly you finish it, fragments for a Timeless Dojo. The time limit will decrease to obtain maximum rewards for each Settlement you complete. The first time you attempt the Japan Settlement, you will be alloted 14 days to obtain maximum rewards and 20 days for the minimum. Upon successful completions you will eventually only be given 7 days for the maximum rewards and 10 days for the minimum (the difference is the quantity of Timeless Dojo fragments received). You will also have a Bonus Multiplier (4 times the basic, goods collection quantity) that will hopefully help for successful completion. The percentage chance of hitting the bonus also increases with each successful completion but cannot be relied upon so you will need to develop a strategy to help shorten your completion time. In short, you have to 'git gud' as you progress through each Settlement if you want the maximum reward set. You can find more information about rewards, Emissaries and time limits here.


As noted previously, housing is garbage for Settlement currency so prioritize other means to obtain. This will be demonstrated in the following as you will observe disconnected housing in favor of Settlement Coin and Goods production buildings but attempts made to connect housing if viable. In keeping with the previous tips page, observe the absence of any Diplomacy buildings (Toro's, Torii Gates, etc.) during production periods (coin or goods) as those are solely used to unlock new technology and immediately removed. Finally, utilize every side of the Embassy in the same manner as you would your Town Hall to create road "tentacles" (🐙) so that more land tiles can be used for productions instead of roads.

Companion Guide

Below is a comprehensive commentary that is accompanied by Settlement screenshots, Settlement illustrations and step-wise narrative to provide further insight and details for the 10-Step method summarized on the previous page.

As the Settlement had already been completed many times, the time allotted for maximum rewards is ~7 days (6 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 53 seconds). The idea is that one's strategy coupled with the Bonus Multiplier will allow for successful completion for maximum rewards. The percentage chance of hitting the bonus for this Settlement is at a 22.5% chance which will explain the huge 'jumps' of goods if you observe the time stamps for the screenshots. Those that are in their first handful of runs will NOT be able to complete the Settlement this fast due to multiple coin/goods production cycles needed to build up goods as the chances of receiving the bonus are very low. Please note that NO diamonds were used.

  1. Given the obstructions, the above picture ended up being the opening set up. All housing was able to be connected to collect Koban Coins while producing Goods. Obstructions will be more prevalent in Fuedal Japan which is compensated by the Merchant and higher production of Supply buildings for Koban Coin.

  2. Once Soybean Fields were collected, one (1) was removed and replaced with Toros to unlock the Shinto Shrine. Only one (1) land expansion was unlocked due the expensive cost of the second (shown above). It was decided the best strategy is to hold onto the remaining Soy Goods so the Merchant can be unlocked as quickly as possible.

  3. Additional C-Huts are installed to provide more Population for construction of S-Shrines. The Soybean Field was maintained as three (3) S-Shrines should be sufficient to build up the Supplies for upcoming 8-hour Goods production cycle given their output. This setup was considered optimal for quickly unlocking the Merchant balanced with collecting Koban Coins.

  4. Unlocking the Gallery (and Merchant) was simple using existing S-Shrines. The Merchant offered no Paintings, but did offer Armor in abundance. Even though all were 6-Good Negotiations, the entirety of the Merchant's offer was taken to unlock the Gallery as well as provide for three (3) more land expansions by using the Armor Goods.

  5. Above is showing the Settlement with the unlocks provided by the Merchant. Projecting the Goods needed for the Armorer and Shoin-Zukuri House, one (1) Soybean Field and one (1) Gallery was needed and the remaining space filled with S-Shrines for the upcoming 8-hour production period. Again, the simultaenous Goods Production during the Supply Production cycle is possible this early in the Settlement given the abundance of Koban Coin the Supply buildings can provide such that Goods can be gathered for future unlocks during this cycle.

    Note how the C-Huts are packed in at the top providing the necessary space for the S-Shrine construction, but yet C-Huts lower down are connected where possible (as long as it doesn't sacrifice space for Supply buildings). Utilization of this trick is necessary for completion with maximum rewards.

  6. The Settlement is now entering into the 8-hour production cycle, thus it is changed over to focus on Goods production. Note the 🐙 happening even with the obstructions to connect as many C-Huts as possible to continue gathering Supplies (Koban Coin) during this period. A good tip in this and other Settlements is to look to see if your Embassy can be nested against obstructions as the the first tile around it is usually given to roads anyhow.

  7. The Merchant provided advanced Goods which were used to pick up another land expansion. SZ-Houses/Armorer was an easy unlock using the S-Shrines already placed down and the C-Huts were replaced with SZ-Houses and S-Shrines to start the Supply cycle. The general strategy is to only construct four (4) SZ-Houses; however, one (1) additional S-Shrine was able to be installed by only using three (3) SZ-Houses and two (2) C-Huts around the obstructions for this Supply gathering period.

    Two (2) Goods buildings are also being maintained to gather the Goods to unlock the next two (2) sets of technology; both S/D Torii Gates and Instrument Workshop/Tea House. Depending on the Koban Coin projections for the next 8-hour production period, S-Shrines may be removed for an additional Goods building for one extra 4-hour production before the 8-hour producton period starts.

  8. The Settlement converted over into 8-hour production mode consisted of five (5) Soybean Fields as these were the only Goods needed for the next two (2) unlocks (🐙!). The current plan is to continue Soy production (4-hour productions) to rush the unlocks after this period.

  9. Unlocking the Torii Gates and Instrument Workshop/Tea House was simple using only the S-Shrines. The Merchant was swept clean and provided copious Soy but unfortunately no Instruments for land expansions. In addition, the next unlock requires many Instruments so those will be produced while the Koban Coin supplies are built up this cycle with the newly unlocked Tea House (which required a C-Hut to get the fourth one constructed). Noted are the SZ-Houses are tucked away and are irrelevant due to their terrible supply production, however the Settlement was optimized to connect as many as possible. Also, the Embassy/C-Hut are straddling two (2) Tea Houses to work around the obstructions.
  10. This goals for this period will be to first collect sufficient supplies (Koban Coin) for an effective 8-hour production cycle, and second, to collect as many Instruments for the land expansion(s) and next unlock.

  11. What would appear to be the last land expansion was purchased with Instruments after completion of the earlier 4-hour productions. The 8-hour production period screenshot was forgotten, but it consisted of replacing all Tea Houses with Instrument Workshops. An S-Shrine was also able to be installed due to the lower Population requirement of the Instrument Workshop (vs the Tea House in the previous Supply cycle).

  12. The Merchant was swept of all Goods again at the beginning of the Supply period. Tea Houses are installed to begin Koban Coin production with Goods buildings maintained/installed to finish up goods for the last two unlocks. Two (2) Torii Gates and Toro's were preimptively constructed in available spaces for the Shinden-Zukuri Manor unlock once the Tea Houses finished construction. Some good 🐙 and 'packing in' happening.

  13. The above was taken at the same time as #11 (immediately fter unlocking the SZ-Manor), to show the remaining Goods needed as well as the amount of Diplomacy gathered with so few Diplomancy buildings installed. Production/Supply cycles will continue but based on cost; no more land expansions are available.

    During this Supply period and from a strategy perspective, the two (2) Soybean Fields were selected to close out any further need for them as they are 4-tiles wide to help make space for the SZ-Manor and Armorer which are both require 4x4 tiles. Optimal land use will be challenging given the previous comment and 4-tile tall Instrument Workshop that is still required. The Galleries are easier to work in given they are 3x3 and will be saved to fill in where the Armorer cannot.

    As the Soybean Fields finish productions, two (1) SZ-Manors will be phased to replace them and SZ-Houses removed so Tea Houses can be installed. As a note, Galleries could have been installed in lieu of the Soybean Fields with the gamble that Soy would provided by the Merchant tomorrow as there is still sufficient time to produce if needed. This course of action was decided against based on the (probably very false) premise that Paintings have NOT been provided by the Merchant in the course of this Settlement and they are more likely to appear.

  14. In keeping with the previous, the Soy Farms and one (1) Instrument Workshop were removed after collections and SZ-Manors installed. Koban Coin collections proceeded throughout the day. More that enough K-Coins were gathered to last until the end of the Settlement which was less than optimal as a Gallery should have been switched out for a Tea House.

  15. Headed into the 8-hour production mode saw many Galleries with a couple of other production buildings to complete the quanties needed for the last two unlocks. In retrospect, there was a missed opportunity to place a C-Hut next to the Embassy (below the S-Shrine) to collect more K-Coins.

  16. After collecting the 8-hour productions, the Merchant was visited (no Paintings but there was Soy 😦) but only one resource was needed for negotiations. After calculating the needed Goods for the last two technology unlocks there was an excess of resources such that two (2) land expansions were acquired. One more expansion could be had if the one of the Merchant's remaining resources were to be negotiated (the Soy 😐) but there is no reason to do so (at this point).

    Three (3) Galleries were set for 4-hour productions as 15 Paintings is all that remained for the last two unlocks. The remaining space of the Settlement was filled with Diplomacy buildings so once the Galleries were collected, the technologies could be immediately unlocked. Yeah 🐙 boy!

  17. After unlocking the Zen Garden and Dojo; construction was started and immediate deleted to fulfill those two (2) Quests so the final one would be activated. The final setup shown above included two (2) of each production buildings, each set to a 4-hour production run to wrap up the final Quest. Even though the SZ-Manor's will produce the necessary Koban Coin within the 4-hour timeframe, S-Shrines were still thrown in for an additional measure to ensure meeting the final Quest requirements.

  18. In all, this was a outstanding run thanks to hitting the Bonus Multipliers many times. Fourty-four (44) hours remained for the maximum reward set at the time of completion which brings the total time to just under 5 and 1/2 days. Shown above, the rewards reflect the maximum set as denoted by the 50 FP (the default reward provided after achieving a maximized Shinto Temple), and fifteen (15) Timeless Dojo fragments which is sufficient to construct a Level 1 Timeless Dojo or provide an upgrade to an existing one (up to Level 5).

    Again, if you are just starting or in the first handful of attempts at Fuedal Japan, it will take you longer as you will have a much lower chance at the Bonus Multiplier and some steps will take a couple of days to complete - this is to be expected as the mini-game is designed to give more time in the earlier runs.

Advanced Strategy and Tips

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