Postmodern Era (PME) Units While in InA

You can explore the Postmodern Era's (PME) Campaign Map while in InA to acquire PME troops. What is listed here is the sequence utilized (while in InA) on three different worlds to much success; however, use this informaton at your own risk as not all Quest triggers are known.

What You Will Need

This activity is driven from the Story Quests. To receive All of the PME units available, you will need at least three (3) Technologies available to Research as well as the ability to obtain Goods to Negotiate some Sectors/Provinces and sufficient Combat for the remainder.

What You Can Get

5 MG Teams (Range), 7 Commandos (Light), 1 Champion (Heavy), and 2 Rocket Artillery (Artillery) and two (2) Land Expansions.

Other Information

Note that while the triggers are unknown, you can receive one (1) Commando unit through the "Predator" Quest. Upon completion of the initial Scouting of two (2) Provinces, two seperate (2) Side Quests opened up and I was able to acquire this unit along with others with the actions taken below (by following the Story Quests).

Chronological Procession

The PME area is covered in thick jungle and to secure your landing spot, you observe that the initial area seems to be controlled by Che Guerrero so before you begin your campaign, you will want to be friendly to him or he will send his guerillas to keep harassing you (and you will not receive any MG units). Things soon settle out and you will learn that there are two leaders in the area, Quat Vat Dinh to the West and Ho Minh-Chi to the East and must decide how to proceed to continue your usual modus operandi of complete takeover; however, you discover the most shocking of betrayals as you explore the jungles ...

  1. I flew into the area naturally blasting "Welcome to the Jungle" and scouted Cai Chet Nui and Rung Chien Dau to find a place to set up shop. I learned of a wanna-be revolutionist in "Checking Out Che".
  2. To give some "Power to the People!", I initially infiltrated and then acquired two (2) Sectors of Cai Chet Nui by Negotiations.
  3. That was follwed up with infiltration and acquisition of two (2) Sectors of Rung Chien Dau, also by Negotiations ... because Che and because he has MG units to gift cause he knows I am one bad mo-fo.
  4. The entire Province of Cai Chet Nui was acquired by Negotiations as I was "Gaining Influence".
  5. For "East Vs West", I scouted Sot Dam Lay and acquired the Province by Combat.
  6. I hit the "Cheerful Che" quest which requires 8-hour productions followed by "Business with Che" for two (2) MG units.
  7. "Move On" wanted Sector infiltration and acquisition so I scouted and took a few Sectors (by Combat) of Day Du Ao.
  8. "More Business with Che" followed with more 8-hour productions where I acquired three (3) more MG units. During the long production cycle, I sent the Scout to Trung Doi.
  9. For the next quest, "Uncle Minh", Trung Doi was scouted so I infiltrated a couple of Sectors in Day Du Ao as it was still unfinished.
  10. Day Du Ao was then acquired to satisfy "Revolutionists on the Rise".
  11. "Pine and Cypress" followed so I sent the Scout to Khay Hueyn Bay Gio and acquired a Sector by Combat.
  12. The next quest, "Che Again", consisted of completing 8-hour productions and a Coin payment to receive two (2) Commando units.
  13. "The Storm is Coming" required the acquisition of Khay Huyen Bay Gio (Combat).
  14. The next Quest was "Ships in the Night". There is a Hidden Reward for this quest because its a mystery and I think it all goes down at night so you can't see but you should receive four (4) more Commando units. The Scout was sent to Rung Trai while working this Quest.
  15. "Our Best Man" and "Minhs Meeting" followed which required the acquisition of Day Du Ao and Trung Doi; again, it was done using Combat.
  16. "Missing in Action" required scouting and infiltration of some Sectors of Rung Trai.
  17. "Take Him Down" was completed and then Rung Trai was acquired by Combat to satisfy "Finish Him". After being declared the new President, I learned I was only in charge of half of the country in "Minh Ho-Chi" and I need to learn what else is going on because there must ... be more ...
  18. After acquiring Rung Trai, the Scout disappears because the jungle is much to thick to proceed and as predicted, "There is more ..." asked for acquisition of Phuc Kich or Gai Cuu Binh Minh to start securing the other side of the map so we could work our way north. This will require the conquering of Rung Chien Dau which still remains as only two (2) Sectors have been acquired in the very beginning. The remaining Sectors of Rung Chien Dau were taken with Combat because I really have no more use for Che and so the Scout will reappear for these new Provinces.
  19. This finishes off Che such that both Phuc Kich and Giai Cuu Binh Minh will be scouted in "Checkmate Che".
  20. A new saga opens up with "Queen of the Jungle" as you scout Mau Mat Dat and acquire a Sector (using well-rested MG units in Combat, of course) to see what is going on with the militant rebels and their leadeer Quai Vat Dinh on the west side (yayee-yay!)
  21. Compaints of a "Mystery Fever" meant that we had to research a Technology, even though it didn't matter what type, to help out with creating a vaccine.
  22. Then the fellas were more demoralized so we counteracted the "Jungle Drum", backtracked to remove "A Camp in the Jungle", raised more moral in "Paint It Black!", set up an operating base in "Hamburger Hill" to rest my precious MG units while we explored the "Jungle Secrets", and, quickly restored a partially burning camp in "More Mysteries".
  23. It was suspected that Quai Vat Dinh was just ahead so I scouted and took a few Sectors of Dong Bang Song in order to "Smoke Her Out" and completed acquisition in order to "Finish Her!". Due to the casualties of war, I needed to help restore confidence in the local population so worked on some public goodwill in "The Queen is Dead".
  24. We were finally was able to cut our way through the thickets into the "Heart of Darkness" and scouting Ong Chu Cuoi Cung and realized that my best officer, Colonel Lang, went missing.
  25. To locate "The Rogue Colonel", some Sectors were infiltrated and I researched a Technology because we evidently spoke different languages so I figured looking into some factory tech would work because we could make some translators there.
  26. Some intel brought to light information regarding "Ships and Camps", but it was nothing spending some FP and gathering Goods wouldn't resolve but more was required to make folks back home happy as this obviously fake news was leaked but I still had to pay the "The Price of Treason".
  27. In order to "Bring in the Colonel", Sectors were acquired as well as researching a Technology to ... I guess build a special containment unit, so I figured some Infrastructure tech would help with that (and that bridges into the next Age as well as conserves Ballistics and Breech Loading). It was tough to try and set up the capture so more men were required to handle "The Horrors" but I reckon a soldier survives, is promoted and so becomes one (1) PME Champion.
  28. Then it came down to "Your Choice: Truth or Dare" ... do I lie to my beloved people and not tell them the truth about the Colonel? I think I should lie my ass off because I would really like to receive two (2) Rocket Artillery units by giving the Colonel "Military Funeral Honors".
  29. I found myself at "The End of this Chapter" and feeling it was the end, I couldn't bring myself to complete it ... seriously ... and well, literally.

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