Advanced Units

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What are advanced units?

Simply put, advanced units are army units that are higher Age of one's City. With some planning, it is possible that one can achieve advanced, or higher Age, army units.

The basis of the information presented on this site is from the Higher Age Units Guide (credit UBERHelp1), advice from Friends and personal experience.

Do I really need advanced units?

No! Obtaining advanced units is not a requirement for play but it can make some areas of the game play easier or allow certain challenges obtainable such as completion of the Guild Expedition (GE) or to carry much higher amounts of Attrition in the Guild Battlegrounds (GBG).

How does it even work?

There are three dimensions when it comes to time in the game and they are measured by Ages. General gameplay is based around maintaining these three dimensions together; that is to say - your Story Quests occupy one timeline, the areas you are exploring on the World Map occupies another timeline, and your City has it's own timeline. They can all be in the same time frame, for example your City is in the Iron Age, you have only explored the Iron Age area of the CMap, and your Story Quest's narrative (and rewards!) is about your actions in the Iron Age.

The idea behind the advanced units is to keep your City in the earliest timeline but move your Story Questline (and subsequently the CMap) into the future so you reap on those futuristic rewards for the military units they can offer. This is accomplished by progressing the Story Quests into the future by unlocking Technology - here it kicker - in the strange, alternate timeline that the Quests occupy, problems are solved by any technology discovery such that you can "discover fire" from a prehistoric age to solve some futuristic heating problem (sometimes it doesn't even need to be in the same technical theme!). This can be done by skipping Technologies in earlier Ages and apply them in later Ages as Quests demand.

General Tips

Advanced Tip

While it is fairly easy to obtain units one Age higher; the challenge (and bigger payoff!) - is obtaining units two or more Ages higher than your current Age. This can be accomplished while in the Industrial Age (InA) and Contemporary Era (CE). A good base set of Great Buildings makes this easier as as well as patience to ensure you are not researching unnecessary or terminal Technology (that which does NOT lead to further Technology), such as ...

Snozz's AU Snippet contains one way to obtain advanced units. The method of approach very combat intensive and is geared toward making the Questing process faster so typical game play can resume. This is achieved by CMap exploration coupled with Technology sprints. The reader is cautioned that not all experiences will be equivalent as the game may have received certain modifications so outcomes may vary.

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