This page contains the order of the path one should take in exploration of the PE, ME and PME Campaign Map's when attempting to obtain advance units (e.g., PME units in InA). This can even be done in previous ages to fast-track your Story Questline when you do age up provided you have sufficient combat boosts.

Note: Every Province/Sector was acquired by Combat unless otherwise noted.

Progressive Era (PE) Campaign Map Exploration

Exploration Path

Note: Uxrow, Omoien, and Kriegreich can be acquired by negotiations which should change a Story Quest requirement (if by combat - it is a Military Technology, if by negotiations - it is any Technology) but that would also change the reward from a PE military unit (if combat) to a Random Blueprint (if negotiated).

  1. Acquire Havre.
  2. Scout and Acquire Uxrow.
  3. Scout and Acquire Omoien.
  4. Scout and Acquire Kriegreich.
  5. Scout and Acquire Gaelford.
  6. Scout and Acquire Sud.
  7. Scout and Acquire Ostrand.
  8. Scout and Acquire Langenreich.
  9. Scout and Acquire Uceria.
  10. Scout and Acquire Gorski.

Feel free to board the plane to go ahead and make the migration to the ME continent.

Modern Era (ME) Campaign Map Exploration

Exploration Path

Note: It is very important that Inashu, Natsuishu, Chigikawa, and Igujima is conquered by combat for the delivery of advanced units to allow you to continue.

  1. Acquire Inashu.
  2. Scout and Acquired Natsuishu.
  3. Scout and Acquire Chigikawa.
  4. Scout and Acquire Igujima.
  5. Scout and Acquire Kyushima
  6. Note: You may pause here until you pull the trigger on Aging Up and work the remainder of the CMap in synchronization with the Story Quests. If you choose to continue this area, please note that additional units can definitely be gained by using combat for aquisition, the outcome is unknown if provinces are acquired using negotations.

  7. Scout and Acquire Igioka.
  8. Scout and Acquire Igamoto.
  9. Scout and Acquire Higematsu.
  10. Scout and Acquire Kibakuguchi.
  11. Scout and Acquire Toimuro.

A transport ship now awaits to ferry you to the PME area. Do it, it's great.

Post-Modern Era (PME) Campaign Map Exploration

Exploration Path

  1. ......

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