Industrial Age (InA) Units While in CA

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You can explore the Industrial Age's (InA) Story Quests and Campaign Map while in CA to acquire InA troops.

What You Will Need

So far ... just patience and grit, more to come ...

What You Can Get

1 Rifleman (Ranged), 2 Jaeger Infantry (Light), 4 Lancers (Fast), and 8 Bronze Age Horsemen (Fast) and two (2) Land Expansions (an additional Land Expansion if Bonus Area is explored).

Other Information

As noted in the source information, the exploration of the InA CMap can be tricky because if the InA Bonus Questline is triggered, it can tie up a Quest Slot until it is completed when you have aged up to InA and have researched the appropriate Technology.

A known safe route has been explored in LMA but not sure how that is gonna work out on getting the troops above. Emphasis was deliberate to ensure the conservation of technology research for later Ages (and higher age troops there).

Messing around with the Province named Las Penas can be tricky. Once you acquire the Province, it will kick off a Bonus Questline that will take one of your Quest Slots and cannot be aborted. This Bonus Questline ends with the need to research "Modern Roads", thus aging up to the Industrial Age is the only way to recover the Quest Slot.

The challenge here is that the Story Quest "War on Two Fronts" asked for two things; (1) Research of a military technology and (2) Build 6 Field Guns (there are alternatives, but they require you to be in InA). A Story and Bonus Quest later will ask you to research a technology that (1) unlocks a production building and (2) unlocks a cultural building. If you push your tech tree to satisfy the first Story Quest, you will not have the research available for these so you will need patience and an alternative path to obtain the Field Guns - plan to be stagnant for a while ... and another Quest called You can explore the Industrial Age's (InA) two (2) Bonus Areas of the Campaign Map while in CA or in LMA without the risk of triggering certain InA Bonus Quests that would will tie up a Quest Slot to keep two (2) RQs. Below is the sequence utilized. Be advised that while this route is safe for not activating the InA Bonus Quest line, it may risk the acquisition of some InA units while in CA. It is recommended to maintain CMap exploration along with the Story Quests if those additional units are desired. The author is more interested in advanced units while in the Industrial Age (InA) Age, thus the map was explored while in LMA for faster Story Quest resolution (and Bonus Questline completion). Important note is that where the denizens of the Sector was natives, the Sector was acquired using Negotiations and all other Sectors that were occupied by soldiers or had a mix of natives and soldiers was acquired by Combat to make the acquisition much less expensive although it is believed that the utilization of Goods is acceptable to Negotiate those as well (but why?). Also, opposition units in the InA Bonus Areas have a high attack bonus (from 50%, to 125%) and if you run into trouble, those can cost a lot of Goods so ensure you have plenty on hand before attempting should you get stuck or pause exploration until you become more powerful (through boosts or units).

Chronological Procession (CA)

You have taken over the lands of Sophie Antoinette and most of Louis XXI's Provinces. During this time, Ragu Silvertongue, your faithful advisor, seems to be upset about not living the luxurious lifestyle he thinks he deserves. As such, your starting place should be "Verseilles' Beauty" in CA Storyline where Ragu is urging you to take Verseilles and make the castle more beautiful with some Colonial decorations.

  1. Current Position
  2. Satisfied Ragu by Aging up into CA in order to research Technology, specifically Maritime Shipping.
  3. I "Increased Taxes" at the urging of Ragu which brought his plans of revolution to fruition as I felt his utter "Betrayal". To make good my escape, I needed to build some new roads so I research a Technology titled Colonies.
  4. Princess Myciena became my "Savior" and urged me to quickly build somewhere to hide. I researched a Technology to quickly construct some Arcade Houses.
  5. As I was now a fugitive in my own lands, I needed to not only "Win Support" but needed to "Win More Support" to even consider retaking my throne. It still was not enough, so I appealed to "Mandrubar's and Fernikus' Support" by installing a sailmaker and Researched a technology called Fashion to also provide a coiffeur.
  6. The Princess knows what is best so I went after "Greva's and Rinbin's Support" and finally the General "Grivus' Support" to create a formidable alliance against the ursurper, Ragu.
  7. In order to "Reclaim the Throne" though, I first needed to recruit some military so waited patiently for my Emmissaries to deliver and then assigned them the clandestine job of making the people upset to turn the tide against the traitor.
  8. I needed "A New Hand" so installed the Princess as my chief advisor. She immediately set us on a campaign to deal with Louis XXI and looked to shore up the common folk attitudes towards me. She recognzied that "They Need Assurance" which was handled easily, but the it seemed that inherited "Louis' Problems" when I took over the Province.
  9. This new problem had a name so I set up a "Meet Victor Bonneparte" on the battlefield. There was no way I would provide any negotation so met "Bonneparte on the Battlefield" again to say "Bye Bye Bonneparte" and force him into exile.
  10. To secure my place as the rightful ruler of theses lands, I quickly needed to "Restore Peace" here at home, but needed to continue on my quest so I researched ...... .......

Chronological Procession (InA)

The InA area is set in the North America continent and covers the early exploration to industrialization.

  1. I explored "A New Continent", quickly put together a "Landing Party" and Negotiated a sector of Okahe to "Gain A Foothold". (This was already done previously.)
  2. After we executed operation "Secure The Landing Area", the "Native Nation" was not thrilled with our arrival so I set up "Fair Trade" by Negotiating and continued to trend to "Get Okahe" and make peace. (This was already done previously.)
  3. Checking out the surrounding Provinces because "Information Is Crucial", I learned of a civil war in the making, and quickly sent out "Ambassadors" to learn more.
  4. I understood "Cartwright's Cause", but the President's plan seemed a little extreme even if just so I placated him for now and received one (1) Rifleman.
  5. To deal with the South, I also placated them to make it seem as if I was helping to facilitate General "Dee's Destiny", but that was only to recruit two (2) Jaeger Infantry.
  6. The Princess did her best, but I did not like the situation in the "North Or South", but chose to attack New Craigshire first. (This was already done previously.)
  7. Now, because I have already taken New Cragshire and Desperation by combat, I was at all out "War". If that doesn't count, then I will receive one (1) Lancer.
  8. In all scenarious, you end up with "New Challenges, New Dangers" which I should get Version 1 which is delete some units ... and then????
  9. "Dawn Of War"
  10. "Caught off Guard" two (2) Lancers
  11. "Supporting Duck" eight (8) Horsemen (yeah, I know)
  12. "Dominate The Industrial Age" two (2) Jaeger Infantry and two (2) Breech Loader
  13. Now Starts the PE Storyline
  14. "Don't Steal My Thunder" Full stp as Research of "Percussion Fuze" required.
  15. The following sentence will integrated into the InA Portion .

    Once Garrincton is acquired you should see another ship appeared that can take you to the PE continent. So essentially once Garrincton is acquired (without triggering the bonus quest) you can do the Indy bonus provinces (north and south of main continent) and the PE continent. Just don't touch Las Penas or Dragon city, because these would trigger the bonus quest (which would take up a quest slot). ... more to come.

    For the purposes of expediting the CA story line that is to come and to acquire three (3) more Land Expansions without waiting; the InA CMap was explored in advance.

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