Rogue Fu Fighting

What is Rogue Fu Fighting?

Simply put, it is a starting point to describe methods for using rogues in combat for newer players and those that operate solely from a "no barracks" situation coupled with an Alcatraz GB and a Rogue Hideout/Den.

These methods are for auto-clicking as MUCH as possible for SPEED to save time as well as basic army units and rogues. Again, these techniques work in the Industrial/Colonial Ages and lower but may not for higher Ages.

Opposition Configurations

There are two basic opponent configurations: Ones WITH artillery and ones WITHOUT. You always hope for those without as the odds of winning and unit survivability are much better with the auto-click.

Enter the Army Selection screen and look at the opposition – best case is the opposing army is all of the Same Type but let’s break it down starting with the easiest …

If your bonuses are awful and your guys keep dying, you will need to manually fight deeper into the rounds so you can run your basic units or transformed rogues back to a safe corner when they become too wounded.

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