Are you a (Some Comic Descriptor) looking for a (Substantive Absurdity)? (Insert Cornball Hook Line here) and (Question of Ambition here). Further Promotion Statement. Intense Promotion Proclamation! Rhetorical Question of Membership?

In seriousness, our expectations are few but most importantly -- don’t be a Jerk and be Kind to one another. We are looking for team-oriented players because we think that will make us tighter knit so welcome and encourage all newcomers with great attitudes.




To create a fun, entertaining, and competitive environment by supporting and accelerating our members so they may realize their full potential to help shape and maintain the best Guild for their needs.


Ground Rules

The following are our Ground Rules which we may amend from time-to-time as well as take exception to or remove individuals without prior notice depending on the context or circumstances of the infraction.

Please refer to our website sections for policies or procedures (where applicable).

  1. Requirements to Join and Maintain Membership

  2. Guild Expedition (GE)

  3. Guild Battlegrounds (GBG)

  4. Guild versus Guild (GVG)

  5. Trading

  6. 1.9 Thread

  7. FP Swap Chains

  8. Sniping/Poaching

  9. Bar Talk
  10. Personal Responsibility

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