This page contains the order of the path one should take to avoid the risk of triggering the InA Bonus Quests that are tied to CMap exploration. Be advised that while this route is safe for not activating the InA Bonus Quest line, it may risk the acquisition of some InA units while in CA. It is recommended to maintain CMap exploration along with the Story Quests if those additional units are desired. The author is more interested in advanced units while in the Industrial Age (InA) Age, thus the map was explored while in LMA for faster Story Quest resolution (and Bonus Questline completion) upon Aging Up to InA.

Every Province/Sector was acquired by Combat (including mixed soldiers and natives) except where the denizens of the Sector was all natives and those were Negotiated instead.

The opposition units in the InA Bonus Areas have a high attack bonus (from 50%, to 125%) and if you run into trouble, those can cost a lot of Goods so ensure you have plenty on hand before attempting should you get stuck or pause exploration until you become more powerful.

Industrial Age (InA) Campaign Map Exploration

Exploration Path

  1. Acquire Okahe.
  2. Scout New Craigshire.
  3. Send Scout to Desperation.
  4. Note that NOTHING further is to be done concerning Desperation during the following sequence of events until #12 (but do observe that tantalizing Land Expansion they tempt you with to move on it first).

  5. Acquire New Craishire.
  6. Scout and acquire Rantford.
  7. Scout and acquire St. Marque.
  8. Scout and acquire Garrincton (Land Expansion). You will observe a Ship appearing that will allow you to go to the Progressive Era (PE) continent.
  9. Scout and acquire Embruniez. Note that Dragon City was NOT Scouted.
  10. Scout and acquire Gabordeaux.
  11. Scout and acquire Ydine.
  12. Scout and acquire Wenoevre (Land Expansion).
  13. Acquire Desperation (Land Expansion).
  14. Note: This is the last Land Expansion that can be received in the InA area. The following is not needed but offers a safe path to clear the continent if desired (and recommended to fast-track the InA Bonus Questline).

  15. Scout and acquire Santa Catalina.
  16. Note: Santa Catalina was scouted before Nevarrone so that two Scouts would present after acquisition; one for Nevarrone and one for Dorango. The purpose is that the high attack bonus given to Dorango and especially El Fuego (100% - 125%) can make acquisition challenging such that Sectors can be acquired in Nevarrone (attack bonus 40%) to complete any Daily Challenges until Dorango or El Fuego can be conquered. It is worth mentioning that the goal is to explore as much of the continent as possible to quickly move to the PE CMap area upon Aging up.

  17. Scouted Nevarrone.
  18. Scouted and acquired Dorango.
  19. Scouting and acquired El Fuego.
  20. Acquired Nevarrone.
  21. Scouted and acquired Dragon City.
  22. Sent boat to PE continent.
  23. Las Penas was not scouted to ensure no 'Acquire Sector' mandate appeared in a Daily Challenge.

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