Snozz's Snippet for GB Sweet Spots

What is the "Sweet Spot"?

The conventional definition is at the Great Building (GB) levels where the first and second reward place need 0 FP of securing (aka priming, seeding, protecting) by the GB owner for an investor on a 1.9 thread. Why? To understand, you will need to see your GB from two perspectives.

GB Owner Perspective

Entering this range means that leveling your GB is far less expensive when participating in a 1.9 thread. When folks say ‘hey, you are close to the sweet range’ they are utilizing in context of utilizing investors that have a Level 80 Arc so the investor receive a 90% bonus on rewards (1.9 as in the mathematical formula: Reward x 1.9). Let’s look at an example from the GB owner's point of view.

An Arc that going from Level 17 -> 18 requires 1,182 FP to level. By using investors at a 1.9 rate, this can be done by a 440 FP investment by the owner with all remaining FP coming from investors.

Keeping with the Arc, at its most inexpensive point - Level 45 -> 46, a total of 2,360 FP is required. Again, using the 1.9 rate, the owners’ portion is only 40 FP.

You will see this ‘dip’ or inflection point of the sweet range at on the Foe Assistant Arc-Cost Graph.

So, now we understand when it starts (when the owner no longer needs to protect those first two spots for the investor rate commitment), but WHY? You will need to understand another party’s perspective of your GB – the Sniper.

Sniper's Perspective

As a reminder, to ‘secure’ (or lock/prime/seed) a reward spot simply means that the person that has contributed on that spot/slot/place CANNOT be sniped by others and lose their investment by being bumped down a spot. Also, remember that a sniper is in it to make FPs and a Level 80 Arc is the most prevalent level that folks stop at so we will stick with the 1.9 reward rate for the sake of this discussion.

Now for the Why? At Arc Level 29, the first and second reward places are automatically secured for a 1.9 investor with no FP contribution by the owner. That is, a simple 1.9 contribution by the investor to the GB locks in the spot so it cannot be sniped (and automatically lockes in the second reward spot). That’s good, right? What’s the big deal? Again, I like numbers so here is an example …

Your Level 29 Arc needs 1,590 FP to level. The first reward place is automatically secured for a 1.9 investor for 798 FP, BUT it can be sniped for 795 FP. If it is sniped at 795 FP, an additional 3 more FP is now needed to secure the second reward spot. Who eats that 3 FP difference? You do as the GB owner.

Fast-forward to a Level 70 Arc that requires 4,268 FP to level. At a 1.9 rate, that is a 2,223 investment BUT again, it can be sniped for 2,134 FP. That is 89 additional FP that the owner will now need to contribute to their own GB to secure it for the investor at the 2nd reward spot if it is sniped.

Prevention Strategies

One method is to disconnect (i.e., remove roads) your GB until such time as you have an investor ready so it will require coordination and timing. This can be cumbersome but very effective.

The general method is by ‘stepping’ through each reward spot by managing access to your GB by first NOT unlocking/opening the next level until you know you have those first two investors lined up and ready. This ‘sweet range’ can also extends down to lower reward spots so you will need to be mindful of how you ‘secure’ (aka prime, seed, lock) the remaining reward spots. The typical process is:

  1. Coordinate up front and have first two investors ready to go.
  2. Then, unlock/open the next level for those investors to immediately fill the 1st and 2nd reward places.
  3. Contribute to the GB to secure and have 3rd filled by an investor.
  4. Finally, contribute again to secure for 4th and 5th and advertise accordingly.

This 'step' process works because it forces the sniper to pay the 1.9 rate (which is what you are after anyhow) and if they do not, then your 1.9 investor will bump them down and wahoo! you get free FP - thanks dumb wannabe sniper!

As a side note, I will typically micromanage and break down 4th and 5th into two steps as well ESPECIALLY if I am providing prints by not securing 4th until that person is ready to take the spot and then do the same for 5th (or simply have someone just put a couple of FP on 5th early in the process so I can control the closing of the level.)

Sweetness Ranges

Here is a list of GBs and those auto-secured level/snipeable ranges.

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