🐻 2021 Wildlife Event 🏵️️

(13 Jul to 02 Aug)



This is a new event for FoE that is a Bejeweled/Candy Crush-esque game and will require you to align blocks of the same color so they can be removed. This purpose is to cause Paw Prints to descend and drop off the game board for collecting a Grand Prize. Tickets are also required to play the mini game where you will use the other event currency, Coins, for extra Moves or Tools to collect Paw Prints.

Daily Specials (with the DS Swap!) are showcasing the usual line up (no Rogue Hideouts this event) and includes the Botanical Rotunda as well as the Log Cabin and Menagerie (I heard they received a boost as well). You will get your crack at a Daily Special when removing 5 or more blocks of the same color.

The Grand Prize is the Mountain Reserve which at Level 7 can be converted to a Bear, Moose or Eagle Reserve. Each variant providing additional features to the Level 6 Mountain Reserve. This is a ridiculously good building to have in your City.

Event Play

You will acquire Coins (#1) and Tickets (see event banner or event window for inventory) by completing the event quests, logging into your world, or discover them in city Incidents (or by spending Diamonds).

The playing Area (#6) will be accessed by using Tickets (see Event banner or window for inventory) and consists of the game board which that you will need to work in order to vertically and/or horizontally align similar colored blocks in order to remove them to receive prizes. Each game "level" consists of 25 Moves (#2) unless you decide to spend Coins for additional moves.

As you align blocks of the same color, you will discover:

You will also have Tools available to help you along the way. The tools are:

  1. The Hammer will remove a single block from the game board.
  2. A Windmill will convert the color of the neighboring blocks that touch the clicked block.
  3. Lightning removes all blocks of the color of the clicked block.


*** Event Main Building (Grand Prize) ***

*** Other Notable Buildings (from Daily Specials) ***


Daily Special
Alternate Daily Specials - Chance Pool

GRAND PRIZES - ROTATION LIST (For Accumulating 20 Paw Prints)

  1. Mountain Reserve Upgrade Kit
  2. Wishing Well Shrink Kit
  3. 50 Forge Points
  4. Mountain Reserve Upgrade Kit
  5. Gigantic Medals Pack
  6. Shrine of Knowledge
  7. Mountain Reserve Upgrade Kit
  8. Wishing Well
  9. Renovation Kit
  10. Mountain Reserve Upgrade Kit
  11. Tactician's Tower Level 1
  12. One Up Kit
  13. Mountain Reserve Upgrade Kit
  14. Mountain Reserve Lvevel 1
  15. Store Building

Grand Prize Upgrading

The Mountain Reserve is upgradable to Level 7. You will receive a Level 1 Mountain Reserve upon completing the first 6 quests and two more upgrades upon completion of all 55 quests.

All remaining upgrades must be obtained via the Grand Prize rotation list by collecting Paw Prints and potentially one other by use of a Mystery Box if one was obtained during the last event.

Notes and Tips

Here are some hints, but I highly encourage you watch the videos for a better understanding and an improved outcome.

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