🌴🦜 2021 Summer Event 🌴️🦜

(17 Aug to 06 Sep)



For those that have been around, the play is the same as last year’s Event and for those new folks, you spin a “Wheel of Fortune” and win prizes, easy right? It IS!

In short, for every Event Quest you complete, you will receive a Doubloon which is good for 1 spin on the Wheel. You will the receive a Compass to move a ship toward a Grand Prize 1 to 3 steps at a time.

The Event currency is Doubloons which are spent to spin (or refresh) the Wheel for Daily Prizes and Compasses which are spent to move your ship along a Map towards Grand Prizes. The Grand Prize will rotate for each time you complete a Map.

The twist to this Event is that you … share the chance? … compete against? … work together? … with the folks in your Neighborhood to win a “Daily Special”.

The Grand Prize is the Pirate's Hideout which, depending on level upgrades, can provide Population, Happiness, Coin, and Att-Att boost as well as chance at collecting FP, Medals or Supplies.

Event Play

You will fetch your Doubloons by completing the Event Quest Line, logging into your world(s) or discover them in city Incidents.

Doubloons (#1) are spent to Spin (#3) the Wheel (cost of one Doubloon per spin) at a chance for a prize. The value of the prize is determined by the scarcity of it on the wheel.

The Wheel (#2) will have nine (9) available prizes divided into three categories: Gold, Silver or Green and these categories will have a certain amount of opportunities. The prize border will indicate the category and quantity available. For instance, the Gold prize will have a continuous border indicating that one is available whereas a Green prize will have a border consisting of four (4) segments. Each time a Green prize is won, one segment will darken indicating the remaining quantity available.

This is important as only one (1) Gold prize is available per Wheel. The Wheel (and all of the prizes) can be refreshed by selection of the “Refresh & Spin” button. Here is the twist ... the Wheel is shared between all players in your Neighborhood such that ONLY one person can win the Gold prize (until it is refreshed) and ANY person may refresh the Wheel … at ANY time.

The Gold Prizes are essentially the Daily Special but instead of having a particular day, those prizes could show up with any refresh of the Wheel so no need to hold out.

Each time you spin the Wheel, you will receive one (1) Compass (#4). A Compass will sail your ship 1, 2 or 3 leagues on the Map (#5) - much like laying track in the Winter Train Event. Once you complete 20 leagues, you will be awarded a Grand Prize.


The Silver and Green Prizes are the usual regular prizes consisting of Blueprints, Military Units, Decorations, Goods, Reno Kits, Medals, etc., but there is a Sentinel Outpost Upgrade Kit showing up in the Silver Prize list.

The Gold Prizes are where you will find the better rewards such as Selection Kits for the Governor’s Villa and Crow’s Nest as well as special decorations to chain to the Grand Prize. See the main event link for more information.

*** Event Main Building ***

*** Other Notable Buildings ***

These prizes are available by landing on the Golden Circle of the Wheel.

Golden Circle Prizes
Silver Circle Prizes
Green Circle Prizes


Grand Prize Upgrading

The Pirate’s Hideout is upgradable to Level 9. You will receive a Level 1 PH upon completing the first 5 Quests, an upgrade upon completion of 34 Quests and another upon completion of all 55 Quests. All remaining upgrades must be obtained via the Grand Prize rotation list by completing Maps. Per FoeHints, you will need to have the Event Surprise Box from the last event to avoid paying Diamonds for the final upgrade.

Notes and Tips

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