Snozz's SWAG Strategy


I have no idea if any of the following will work, but it's what I am going with. It doesn't mean that I won't deviate halfway through, either - but it's my starter. Follow at your own risk!


So ... some of the "research" seemed at odds with one another but gonna roll with MooingCat's Strategy B as it greatly lessens the required time messing around with the Event (i.e., ~100 hrs per Town).

Per that resource, I should be provided with the following Druid Temple kits from the sources listed.

Strategy (?)

Basically none, but thinking rushing the Questline is needed to ensure Pots of Gold are on-hand when needed (plus the slower strategy will allow for more time to work the quests).

For each new Town, I am gonna stick with the two-fold strategy:

Factory Manager Upgrades

Factory Upgrades

Town 1 Note: May be some increases (in cheapest) to acquire Task #34: Upgrade 200.

Town 1 Note: The Fireworks Factory is actually 50 to run the 8Q faster.

Town Task Lists

Credit MooingCat for the list.

The red/cross-out Tasks are the ones not completed for each Town.

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