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This Event plays the same as last year’s where you will need to produce, transport, and sell party favors (aka Goods) for the St. Patrick’s Day crowds. This is accomplished by making Goods with production resources (Factories and Managers), transporting them via a Ferry, and distribute the party favors at the Festival Hall. In return, you will collect some of the Event currency in the form of Shamrocks.

Shamrocks are then used to acquire new and level existing Factories for faster production; level the Ferry to carry more party favors; and finally, to level your Festival Hall for faster distribution (and in return, you get to collect … you guessed it … more Shamrocks!).

Pots of Gold are the premium Event currency used for hiring and upgrading the factory Managers for better efficiency and for opening Reward Chests.

You will travel into three (3) different towns to produce and sell party favors. While doing so, you will need to complete specific Tasks. Each Town has 38 Tasks presented 3 at a time. Each completed Task will provide a small prize and you will receive a Grand Prize for every 25 Tasks completed. Once you have completed all three Towns, you will start over with the first one again.

The first twist would seem to be that you must optimize the factory output-to-Ferry capacity-to-Festival Hall collections using your supply of Shamrocks. This is not true – you will always have goods in abundance. The real twist comes into the utilization of your Pots of Gold between managerial upgrades and Reward Chests you open when you are ready to move to the next city. This is important as you have a finite supply of Pots of Gold.

Event Play

The Event Premium Currency is Pots of Gold (#2) which will be can be collected by completing Event Quests, logging in daily, and finding them in Incidents around your City. These will be used to hire and upgrade Managers and open Reward Chests. You will earn Shamrocks (#1) when delivering party favors and these will be spent to increase the Levels of your Factories, Ferry or Festival Hall.

The MAX button (#3) will show you how many Levels you can purchase for that Building with the available Shamrocks. NOTE --- If you click on the Level upgrade button for a building while the MAX button is active you will purchase ALL of these levels in one transaction.

You can use Pots of Gold on the Time Shift button (#4) that will allow you to advance the production of Shamrocks by 2, 4 or 8 hours based on your current Hourly selling rate (provided the Shipping & Production rates can maintain it). The available and next two Grand Prizes (#5) are shown as well as your currently active Tasks (#6) – again, three at a time.

The three main areas of a Town are Production (#9), Transport (#8), and Collecting (#7) at the Festival Hall. In short, these areas are where party favors are made in the factories, ferried over to be delivered to the party go-ers in exchange for Shamrocks.

Last, is the Next Town button (#9). This will move your operations to a new city and costs 8.4 (Q)uadrillion Shamrocks to activate and where you will have the opportunity to spend more Pots of Gold on opening Reward Chests.

Note 1: Managers will automate your factories as well as provide boosts to the Factories’ output. Keep in mind that each Town will have a slightly different Task list which will determine the maximum upgrade each Factory Manager needs to ensure you are conserving your Pots of Gold for the Reward Chests.

Note 2: Upon opening all six (6) Reward Chests, you will automatically receive a Druid Temple Selection Kit.


*** Event Main Building (Grand Prize) ***

*** Other Notable Buildings (from Reward Chests) ***


There are no Daily Specials for this event. Instead, prizes can be won for opening the Reward Chests when traveling from one Town to the Next.

GRAND PRIZES - ROTATION LIST (For 25 Completed Tasks)

  1. Druid Temple Upgrade Kit
  2. 50 Forge Points
  3. Shrine of Knowledge
  4. Druid Temple Upgrade Kit
  5. Sentinel Outpost Level 1
  6. Wishing Well
  7. Druid Temple Upgrade Kit
  8. Wishing Well Shrink Kit
  9. Tactician's Tower Level 1
  10. Druid Temple Upgrade Kit
  11. Gigantic Medals
  12. Tactician's Tower Upgrade Kit
  13. Druid Temple Upgrade Kit
  14. Renovation Kit
  15. Sentinel Outpost Upgrade Kit

Grand Prize Upgrading

The Druid Temple is upgradable to Level 10. You will receive Level 1 Druid Temple upon completing the first 5 Quests and upgrades upon completion of Quests #35 and #56. The Mystery Box will also contain an upgrade if opened after receipt of your Level 1 Druid Temple. All remaining upgrades must be acquired from either completing Tasks or from opening Reward Chests.

Notes and Tips

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