🐸🏮 2021 Spring Event Mar 25 – Apr 15 🏮🐸️



This Event plays the same as last year’s where you will need to guide a frog across a pond by jumping to and from lily pads that hold animals. Each jump will cost a certain amount of Lanterns and each animal will provide a chance for a Daily Special or small prize. Each pond crossing will result in a Grand Prize which is the Suishun Mill.

The twist regarding this Event and that is determining to optimize your Lantern spending for better chances at winning the Daily Special or going the distance to ensure a completed Grand Prize? (see Notes/Tips below)

For this Event, you will compete in a League against all the other players on our World. Your League ranking with be determined by the number of ponds crosses as well as your activity (inactivity will move your League status downwards.)

Event Play

The Event currency is Lanterns (#1) which can be collected by completing Event Quests, logging in daily, and from Cherry Trees that will spawn around your City.

Inside the Event mini-game, you will spend your Lanterns to guide a Frog (#2) across a pond by leaping onto Lily Pads (#3) that features an Animal. Each Lily Pad/Animal has a certain cost and provide their own smaller prize and chance win the current Daily Special (#4).

The full distance of the pond is 25 Lily Pads and the last jump “distance” will NOT be transferred to the next pond but you will be presented with limited options depending on the distance remaining. Once you have made the last jump, you will be given a Grand Prize (#5) be taken to a new pond.

Your League (#6) placement will depend on the total number of ponds crossed during the Event.

Prize Systems

As well as a Grand Prize for every 25 jumps, there is a good selection of Daily Specials listed below to choose from.

Animals are divided into four tiers; Gold, Silver, Bronze, or, White. Each tier has a range of cost, distance, chances at the Daily Special as well as a random suite of regular prizes such as Blueprints, Military Units, Decorations, Potions, Buildings, SoK/WW fragments and a small amount of FP, Goods and Medals.

Additional prizes will be awarded depending on your League placement at the end of the Event.


*** Event Main Building (Grand Prize) ***

*** Other Notable Buildings (from Daily Specials) ***



  1. Suishun Mill Upgrade Kit
  2. Shrine of Knowledge
  3. Suishun Mill Upgrade Kit
  4. 50 Forge Points
  5. Suishun Mill Upgrade Kit
  6. Wishing Well Shrink Kit
  7. Suishun Mill Upgrade Kit
  8. Renovation Kit
  9. Suishun Mill Upgrade Kit
  10. Gigantic Medals
  11. Suishun Mill Upgrade Kit
  12. Suishun Mill Level 1
  13. Suishun Mill Upgrade Kit
  14. Wishing Well

Grand Prize Upgrading

The Suishun Mill is upgradable to Level 9. You will receive Level 1 Suishun Mill upon completing the first 6 Quests and upgrades upon completion of Quests #41 and #62. The remaining six (6) remaining upgrades must be acquired from obtaining Grand Prizes.

The Mystery Box from the St. Patrick’s Day event contains an additional upgrade and upgrades are given out if placed in the Silver League (x1) or Gold League (x2).

Notes and Tips

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