🏈🏅 2021 Forge Bowl Event 🏅🏈



This Event plays exactly the same as last year’s where you will pass a Football down the field to Players that will provide a chance for a Daily Special (or you will be given a small reward). Each Touchdown scored will result in a Grand Prize. The Grand Prize is a Terracotta Vineyard which can be connected to other buildings from the Event for additional boosts.

For this Event, there is also a League where you will compete against all other players on your World. Your League ranking will be determined by the total Yards as well as your activity (inactivity will move your League status downwards).

Event Play

Your Event Currency is Footballs (#4) which will be can be collected by completing Event Quests, logging in daily, finding them in Incidents around your City or purchasing them with Diamonds.

The Event mini-game features a football field that you can select your Coach (#1) as well as view your League status (#2). From the 12 available, 3 Players (#5) will be presented on the field, each with their own attributes and chances to win the current Daily Special (#3). Once you have passed the Football(s), another set of random Players will be appear for the next play.

Once the end zone is reached and a Touchdown is scored, you will be awarded a Grand Prize (#6).

Prize Systems

As well as the Grand Prize, there is a honking huge selection of Daily Specials to choose from. Other than the frustration at which Daily to choose (which also includes the Vineyard Fields and Selection Kits) there are are two twists to enhance/confuse you further.

You must mix and match Coaches and Players to optimize your game play.

Additional rewards will be given for the League you place in at the end of the event.


*** Event Main Building (Grand Prize) ***

*** Other Notable Buildings (from Daily Special) ***

Grand Prize Upgrading

The Terracotta Vineyard is upgradable to Level 8. You will receive Level 1 TV upon completing the first 5 Quests and upgrades upon completion of Quests #30 and #55. More upgrades are available from the Grand Prize Rotation List where you will receive an upgrade for every two (2) Grand Prizes (i.e., each Touchdown) starting with the first Touchdown.

Daily Specials (from Beta)

Grand Prizes - Rotation List (Scoring a Touchdown)

  1. Terracotta Vineyard Upgrade Kit
  2. 50 Forge Points
  3. Terracotta Vineyard Upgrade Kit
  4. Wishing Well Shrink Kit
  5. Terracotta Vineyard Upgrade Kit
  6. Shrine of Knowledge
  7. Terracotta Vineyard Upgrade Kit
  8. Renovation Kit
  9. Terracotta Vineyard Upgrade Kit
  10. Terracotta Vineyard Level 1
  11. Terracotta Vineyard Upgrade Kit
  12. Gigantic Medals Pack
  13. Terracotta Vineyard Upgrade Kit
  14. Wishing Well

Notes and Tips

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