🥧🎂 Fall Event Quest Lines 🎂🥧

The Event features a Main Questline that starts out normally - (4) Quests, before splitting into two parallel Questlines – (25) Quests each, and then finishing with the remaining Daily Quests consisting of 21 Quests that will be released daily and available once the Main Questline (all 54 Quests) is completed.

You may choose to complete one set of Quests first before completing the other set (this way you will end up with just one quest listed to complete once you have completed the other set of quests), or complete one from each list in turn; however, given the 21 days provided for the Event this will be tough so for the following list, Questline “A” are the odd numbered Quests and Questline “B” are the even numbered Quests.

Quest Line Bottlenecks

Main Quest Line

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