πŸ₯§πŸŽ‚ Fall Event Sep 23 to Oct 13 πŸŽ‚πŸ₯§



For those that have been around, the play is the exactly the same as last year’s Event and for those new folks, you will collect ingredients to get your Betty Crocker on by making sweet Autumn goodies! The Event currency is Ingredients which are used in Recipes for a chance at the Daily Prize and Stars which will fill a Table towards Grand Prizes. The Grand Prize will rotate for each time you fill a Table.

In short, for every Event Quest you complete, you will receive Ingredient(s) which are used to make pastries. You will receive a Star for each Ingredient used to fill the Table toward a Grand Prize by earning 1 to 3 Stars at a time for each baked goodie.

Even though there are 75 Quests to complete (in 3 weeks!), the twist to this Event is there are TWO separate Quest Lines to help facilitate completion of all the Quests.

The Grand Prize is the Golden Crops which, depending on level upgrades (up to Level 9) provides the usual gambit of stuff including One-Up Kit fragments. This may seem as β€˜meh’ to most, but be sure to check out the Daily Specials as this Event will also allow you to switch the Daily Special for another from a random pool.

There is also a baking League that will also award additional prizes at the end of the Event depending on where you place for your server.

Event Play

You will fetch your Ingredients by completing the Event Quest Lines, logging into your world, discover them in city Incidents, or awarded them in Daily Challenges.

Ingredients (#1) are used to bake Pastries (#4) at cost of one to three Ingredients each. Each Pastry will provide a prize and a chance at the Daily Special (#3). The finished Pastry will appear on the Table (#5) and the Ingredients converted to Stars (1-for-1). Once the Table is fully ladened (20 Stars), a Grand Prize (#6) will be awarded. Your placement in the baking League (#2) is also displayed.

The 3-Star Pastries have a higher percentage chance of receiving the Daily Special. Pastries can be clicked to see the associated standard prize as well as the percentage breakdown.


The 1- and 2-Star Pastries are the usual regular prizes consisting of Blueprints, Military Units, Decorations, Potions, Buildings, SoK/WW fragments and a small amount of FP, Goods and Medals.

The 3-Star Pastries Gold Prizes are where you will find Coin/Supply Rush Potions, Store Building, Boost Crates, and a larger amount of FP, Goods and Medals.

*** Event Main Building (Grand Prize) ***

*** Other Notable Buildings (from Daily Special) ***


Daily Special
Alternate Daily Specials - Chance Pool

GRAND PRIZES - ROTATION LIST (For Filling Up the Table)

  1. Golden Crops Upgrade Kit
  2. Tactician's Tower Level 1
  3. Golden Crops Upgrade Kit
  4. 50 Forge Points
  5. Golden Crops Upgrade Kit
  6. Gigantic Medals Pack
  7. Golden Crops Upgrade Kit
  8. Wishing Well Shrink Kit
  9. Golden Crops Upgrade Kit
  10. Golden Crops Level 1
  11. Golden Crops Upgrade Kit
  12. Gigantic Medals Pack
  13. Golden Crops Upgrade Kit
  14. Wishing Well
  15. Golden Crops Upgrade Kit
  16. Shrine of Knowledge

Grand Prize Upgrading

The Golden Crops building is upgradable to Level 9. You will receive a Level 1 GC upon completing the first 7 Quests, an upgrade upon completion of 37 Quests and another upgrade for completion for all 75 Quests. As per usual, there is one upgrade inside the Event Surprise Box from the last event.

All remaining upgrades will need to come from filling up the Table where an upgrade kit will be received for every two Tables filled.

Notes and Tips

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