⛏️🧨 2021 Archaeology Event 🧨⛏️️

(05 May to 25 May)



Most players enjoy this style of minigame over the others and it plays the same as previous Archaeology Events. If this is your first time for this Event and was around for the recent Halloween Event; the play style is exactly the same.

Daily Specials will range from the usual suspects (SoK, Wishing Well, Shrink Kits) but also includes the Carousel, World's Fair and the Airship (last year’s Grand Prize). This event’s Grand Prize is the Ferris Wheel. You will need to choose whether it becomes a Great Wheel or Wonder Wheel at Level 10 that will add an Att-Att or Att-Def boost.

A few extras are in this event. There is an alternate Daily Special that can be optioned without knowing what it is until switched for the current Daily Special. Replayable Side Quests can also be had that will give smaller prizes on completion and a larger prize if all are completed. This year, there is also a Calendar that could garner smaller, daily rewards as well with a larger prize, if completed.

Event Play

The Event currency is Scrolls (#1) which can be collected by completing Event Quests, logging in daily, and from Incidents that spawn around your City. You will spend Scrolls to acquire Tools (#2) for using to navigate through the playing area to find treasures.

The playing area (#3) is a never-ending tomb that has a viewable area consisting of tiles 8-wide and 6-tall and operates like a “scroller” where you move left-to-right by clearing a path ahead. As you progress to the right, you will be blocked by walls - that cannot be moved; and, sand - that you will need to clear out with Tools.

As you progress through the tomb, you can discover more Tools, as well as:

How It Will Work

You will navigate through the tomb maze by clearing sand using 3 different tools; the brush, shovel and dynamite. Walls can NOT be cleared away.

Under the sand (and sometimes sticking partially out), you will find Tools, Avatars, Vases, Tablets, and Golden Idols.

  1. The brush will clear one tile of sand at a time.
  2. The shovel will clear an entire vertical column of tiles and must be placed on an empty tile in that same column. If a wall is located in that column, it will block the shovel from clearing the remainder of the column (either above or below depending on which side of it you apply the shovel).
  3. Dynamite will clear 7 adjacent tiles and can only be placed on an empty tile. Think of it as a bomb as it will attempt to clear all tiles around it (of course, not the walls.)

Prize Systems

As well as a Grand Prize for every 20 Golden Idols, there is a decent selection of Daily Specials to choose from listed below.

Daily Specials can be won by discovering Vases in the minigame. There are 4 types of Vases in the 3 different categories of Vases for a total of 12 different ones; each providing a different type of smaller prize as well as a % of receiving the Daily Special.

Note: This event will have an Alternate Daily Special so if you do not like the current one, you switch it and an alternate Daily Special will be provided for the remainder of the day. The switch is located next to the daily special (the crossing arrows button). If you elect to switch the Daily Special, you will be given one from the random pool noted below. There is no undo button once the switch is made..

Tablets provide a short questline (quantity 5). Each completed quest will provide 5 Scrolls and completion of all the quests will snag a small prize. A large set of Tools and a new Avatar can be won when the questlines for all 8 Tablets have been completed. The questlines can be replayed infinite times as long as you find additional Tablets, but only one Avatar will be awarded for completing them.

In the Museum, you will find a Calendar that will provide a small reward everyday by using a Gem on one of the Calendar’s slot. The first Gem “shard” found each day in the tomb will be a complete Gem for unlocking that day’s Calendar slot. Any subsequent shards found will count as 1/5 of a Gem. A completed Gem can be assembled using 5 shards and can unlock any previous days’ Calendar slot. Gem shards will also be given out as an alternate to the regular Daily Challenge.

🔥 Hot Tip: If you uncover a gem shard and do not collect until the next day, it will become a Gem.


*** Event Main Building (Grand Prize) ***

*** Other Notable Buildings (from Daily Specials) ***


Daily Special
Alternate Daily Specials - Chance Pool


  1. 25 Goods(5 each of Current Age)
  2. 8hr Mass Coin Rush
  3. Extra Large Medals Pack
  4. 10 Forge Points
  5. Premium Decoration
  6. 3 Fragments of Shrine of Knowledge
  7. Store Building
  8. Boost Crate
  9. Mass Self-Aid Kit
  10. 25 Goods(5 each of Current Age)
  11. 2 Blueprints
  12. 10 Forge Points
  13. 6hr Mass Supply Rush
  14. 3 Fragments of Wishing Well Shrink Kit
  15. One Up Kit
  16. 2 Blueprints
  17. 3 Fragments of Shrine of Knowledge
  18. Boost Crate
  19. 10 Forge Points
  20. Extra Large Medals Pack
  21. 3 Fragments of Wishing Well


  1. Ferris Wheel Upgrade Kit
  2. Renovation Kit
  3. Ferris Wheel Upgrade Kit
  4. Wishing Well Shrink Kit
  5. Ferris Wheel Upgrade Kit
  6. 50 Forge Points
  7. Ferris Wheel Upgrade Kit
  8. Shrine of Knowledge
  9. Ferris Wheel Upgrade Kit
  10. Gigantic Medals Pack
  11. Ferris Wheel Upgrade Kit
  12. Ferris Wheel Level 1
  13. Ferris Wheel Upgrade Kit
  14. Wishing Well
  15. Ferris Wheel Upgrade Kit
  16. Store Building
  17. Ferris Wheel Upgrade Kit
  18. Tactician's Tower Level 1

Grand Prize Upgrading

The Ferris Wheel is upgradable to Level 10 and you will receive a Level 1 Ferris Wheel upon completing the first 5 Quests and 2 Upgrade Kits for completing all 60 Quests (at #30 and #60). Another 7 Upgrade Kits will be needed from the Grand Prize list to max out the Ferris Wheel.

The last time this event ran, 3 Upgrade Kits were offered in the main questline but this time the 3rd upgrade is provided from the Mystery Box from the previous event. For those without a Mystery Box, do not lose hope as more Scrolls can be collected via the Clay Tablets to purchase additional Tools. As always, save Diamonds just in case you need some extra Tools.

It is strongly recommended to watch/listen to MooingCat’s video. It shares strategies for getting the grand prize without spending diamonds (using calendar, incidents, and tablets) and how to plan if you do want to spend diamonds to get two grand prizes.

Notes and Tips

These tips are based off of last years’ post and I am not seeing much difference from what I’ve read and seen, so here goes:

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