❄️☃️ Winter Event 12/03 - 01/01 ☃️❄️



For those that have been around, the play is the exactly the same as last year’s Event except an Advent Calendar has been added which will require Calendar Keys for the exact day of the Event (but there is an option to acquire Lock Picks for the days you miss).

In this Event, you will be unwrapping Presents to find what glorious rewards await inside! This is done by collecting Stars, the Event currency, which will then lead to the Event premium currency – Matchbooks and Calendar Keys. Grand Prizes are received for every 20 Houses illuminated with the Matchbooks and extra Prizes are provided by the Calendar Keys and Reindeer. The Reindeer prizes will cost you some hefty Diamonds to fetch.

The Grand Prize is the Winter Bakery which at Level 6 can be converted to a Lussebullar, Marzipan, Gingerbread or Macron Bakery. Each variant providing additional features to the Level 5 Winter Bakery.

Event Play

You will acquire winter Stars (#1) by completing the Event Questline, logging into your world, discover them in city Incidents, or when opening Presents in the Event mini-game.

In addition to keeping count of your Winter Stars (#1), the Winter Village main playing area consists Presents (#2) that you will unwrap for a chance at a Daily Special (#3). Unwrapping Presents will also provide a Matchbook (#4) that is used to light Candles that will illuminate Houses (#5). A Grand Prize (#6) will be awarded when 20 Houses have been illumed. If you discover a Calendar Key among the Presents, you want use it on the Calendar (#7) for even more prizes.

Prize Systems

Opening Presents will always provide a Prize whether it’s a regular prize, Daily Special or a Special award (with Stars). Depending on the type of Prize, additional Prizes may be obtained.


If a Present is not the Daily Special or a Special award, it will be filled with the usual regular prizes consisting of Blueprints, Military Units, Decorations, Potions, Buildings, SoK/WW fragments and a small amount of FP, Goods and Medals.

*** Event Main Building (Grand Prize) ***

*** Other Notable Buildings (from Daily Special) ***

Grand Prize Upgrading

The Winter Bakery is upgradable to Level 6. You will receive a Level 1 WB upon completing the first 5 Quests and upgrades upon completion of Quests #20, #55 and #70. More upgrades are available from the Grand Prize Rotation List where you will receive an upgrade for every two (2) Grand Prizes (i.e., 40 Houses illuminated).

Daily Specials (from Beta)

Advent Calendar Boxes

  1. 10 Forge Points
  2. Production Building
  3. Extra Large Medals Pack
  4. 3 Fragments of Wishing Well
  5. 5% Attack Boost
  6. Boost Crate
  7. 3 Fragments of Shrine of Knowledge
  8. 8h Mass Coin Rush
  9. Mass Self-Aid Kit
  10. 25 Goods of Current Age (5 of each)
  11. Winter Deco Selection Kit
  12. 6hr Mass Supply Rush
  13. 3 Fragments of Wishing Well
  14. 3 Fragments of Wishing Well Shrink Kit
  15. Premium Decoration
  16. 2 Blueprints
  17. 3 Fragments of Shrine of Knowledge
  18. Boost Crate --- Not in Beta
  19. Extra Large Medals Pack
  20. 10 Forge Points
  21. 8h Mass Coin Rush
  22. One Up Kit
  23. 25 Goods of Current Age (5 each) --- Not in Beta
  24. Store Building
  25. Boost Crate
  26. 30% Defender Boost
  27. Rogue
  28. 2 Blueprints
  29. 3 Fragments of Wishing Well
  30. 10 Forge Points
  31. Premium Decoration
  32. Mass Self-Aid Kit

Grand Prizes - Rotation List (20 Lit Houses)

  1. Winter Bakery Upgrade Kit
  2. 50 Forge Points
  3. Winter Bakery Upgrade Kit
  4. Shrine of Knowledge
  5. Winter Bakery Upgrade Kit
  6. Wishing Well
  7. Winter Bakery Upgrade Kit
  8. Renovation Kit
  9. Winter Bakery Upgrade Kit
  10. Winter Bakery Level 1

Notes and Tips

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